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Full dentures are a frequently underestimated and yet demanding form of restoration that returns to a patient almost everything he/she has lost intraorally, and thus not only restores primary functionality but also the orofacial effects relating to the patient's environment. Therefore, conceptual full dentures are much more than simply »setting up teeth«; they require anatomical and prosthetic knowledge as well as technical know-how for their implementation. This theoretical course imparts and expands the knowledge base for contemporary, high-quality full dentures from the situation model to the orientation of the models in the articulator.



Refreshing and broadening anatomical and prosthetic knowledge regarding the types and the execution of the necessary dental and technical working steps for crafted high-quality full dentures. Imparting the design principles of mucous membrane support and prosthesis retention, also including muscular balance, as developed by GERBER, for example. Learning about dimensioning of the working models, the use of the pre-bite registration and the design of the functional trays and registration templates that remain in a stable position during muscle activity in the mouth. In addition, the preparation of the esthetic checking template for tooth placement as well as the fabrication of intraoral registration templates through to the final model assembly in the articulator is imparted for everyday laboratory routines.



  • The fundamentals: Support and position stability
  • Situation model
  • Functional tray
  • Functional model, pre-bite registration
  • Esthetic checking templates
  • Intraoral support pin registration templates
  • Registrations, esthetic and functional data carriers, orientation of the models in the articulator
  • Dental master technicians
  • Dental technicians
  • Trainee dental technicians
  • Trainee dental master technicians
  • Prosthodontists
  • Clinical Dental Technicians
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