You decide when you want to reach your goal. After successful participation in three basic courses and two advanced courses with the corresponding online tests, the title "SWISS DENTURE EXPERT by CANDULOR" is awarded by the SWISS SCHOOL OF PROSTHETICS.


Booking a course 1

Booking a course

Choose a topic and simply send us an inquiry about the course.

Course participation 2

Course participation

In our courses you will meet professionally trained teachers who will introduce you to the subject. You will receive a workbook with which you can discover the complete topic for yourself.

Online test 3

Online test

Sustainability is important for your success. For this reason, the contents are queried again after the course. You determine the time and can prepare yourself optimally with the workbook.

Certificate 4


After passing the online test, you will receive the course certificate directly from Switzerland to your home or practice, or laboratory.

Expert title 5

Expert title

You want to complete more than one course and become a »SWISS DENTURE EXPERT by CANDULOR«. This requires successful participation in 3 basic courses and 2 advanced courses with a subsequent online test per course. Courses already taken and passed before your decision will be credited. You decide when you want to reach your goal.

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