Schweiz Berge


Connect with the origin

GYSI and GERBER created the basis of modern removable prosthetics in a very special way. In Zurich, they researched, taught and developed comprehensive prosthetic clinical and laboratory procedures, auxiliaries, articulators and even artificial teeth. They had a decisive influence on the gingival, periodontal and today's implant-supported removable dentures, including the description of anatomical-physiological basics.

Created in Switzerland – at home throughout the world

The SWISS SCHOOL OF PROSTHETICS by CANDULOR is the new Swiss quality brand for continuing education in the field of removable dentures. Created in Switzerland, at home in the world, as knowledge connects when it is shared sustainably. A global network of lecturers from teaching and practice, from dentistry and dental technology passes on their knowledge and skills on the basis of a modern prosthetic and didactically sound training concept. Initiated and sponsored by CANDULOR, who have been dedicated to this field for more than 80 years with products and training courses, with knowledge, experience, precision, esthetics and Swiss quality from their base in Zurich and its international network.

Knowledge gives you power

The SWISS SCHOOL OF PROSTHETICS is open-minded. We would like to reach out to dentists, technicians and prosthodontists from different nations and cultures. We are open to all those who are willing to learn proven and new things, to understand them better and to develop themselves further. Lecturers and students are now connected all over the world. They share their knowledge, exchange ideas and network – as in the SWISS SCHOOL OTF PROSTHETICS »Knowledge-Community«.

  • I want knowledge
    to advance.
  • This is not possible
    without a solid basis.

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