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Refreshing the knowledge base of the, often underestimated, supreme discipline of full dentures for reproducible treatment success and broadening understanding from anatomic impression-taking to the registration of relationships. The clinical and methodological basics of mucosa-supported full dentures include: factors influencing the retention of dentures, the design and use of suitable aids for proven clinical and laboratory working steps as well as decision criteria for the procedure.



Successful removable prosthetics are based on impeccable working steps for practice and laboratory. The anatomical initial impression, the functional impression, the pre-bite registration as well as the determination of the definitive jaw relationship with the intraoral support pin registration according to Prof. Dr. A. GERBER are elaborated extensively.

Inaccuracies and errors that occur in everyday practice usually add up unnoticed and in the worst case can only be corrected by repetition in terms of »back to the starting point«. This is why it is necessary to become acquainted with an ostensibly greater effort for a systematic routine, which ultimately presents a sensible investment into one's own continuous treatment success for full dentures. The objective is to eliminate time-consuming remakes and rectification, and to have satisfied and qualitatively well cared for patients. This course consolidates the theory of dental prosthetic working techniques for the efficient and successful cooperation between the practice and laboratory for full dentures.



  • The fundamentals: Support and position stability
  • Anatomic impression
  • Functional impression
  • Pre-bite registration
  • Esthetic checking templates – determining
    intramaxillary relationships
  • Intraoral support pin registration according to GERBER
    determining intermaxillary relationships


  • Dentists
  • Students of dentistry accompanying clinical training
  • Prosthodontists
  • Clinical Dental Technicians
  • None
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