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Our continuous improvement for a high standard

Unsere Qualitätsversprechen

The special concept of our comprehensive continuing education program on removable dentures has made the SSOP the quality brand among manufacturer's own offerings. It is very important to us to establish and continuously develop quality standards to be able to provide you with the best continuing education.

1) Teaching with passion

When selecting our teachers, we place great importance on outstanding expertise, high practice relevance and their personality. In this context, it is not only the professional skills which are important to us, but also the ability to pass on own knowledge in a convincing manner. In particular, this includes the in-house Teacher Certification. This is an indispensable prerequisite for working for the SSOP.

Unsere zertifizierten SSOP Teacher
Worksbook SSOP

2) Learning with own course materials

Everyone who books a training course with us not only receives excellently conducted training, but also the workbook created specifically for the course. This presents all the information in a descriptive manner, with basic theoretical knowledge, step-by-step instructions or graphics to illustrate problematic issues. An essential tool to accompany the course and an irreplaceable reference book for work back in the laboratory or dental practice. It goes without saying that high-end Candulor products are provided for all practical SSOP courses, resulting in perfect solutions for individual prosthetics.

3) Course completion with certificate

Each course participant receives confirmation of participation from us and, after successfully passing the exam, his/her SSOP certificate. Dentists can have their course participation accredited and thus earn important continuing education credits. Our educational institution and the training program are also supported by the IFD.

Zertifikat SSOP
Zertifizierung der SSOP mit der Qualitätsmanagement Norm ISO 21001:2018

4) Certified training program

We do not pay lip service to high standards; quite to the contrary, they were independently confirmed in 2023 with an ISO 21001:2018 certification. Thus, we follow an internationally recognized quality management system specifically for training institutions and are tasked in terms of continuous improvement. 
For you this means: your training ensures that your personal objectives are achieved and that your needs are the focus of our work. This gives you significant added value in terms of sound knowledge transfer, learning environment, individual support, recognition and continuous improvement.

5) Supported educational institution

Our educational institution and the continuing education programme are supported by the IFD (International Federation of Denturists). 

Supported by IFD